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    general changes UX design, new pages, actions to take. Formatting data for others etc…



    This site should prominently link to globalchallengescollaboration.wordpress.com because there’s the index of other places (and back, this official (landing?) page is not mentioned in the index, imagine that!), or the content incorporated into a single site to retire the other.



    The contact form at the bottom of HOME seems to be not manned. All entered text in upper-case/capitalized is a minor UX thing. It may make sense for the e-mail address as those are case-insensitive, but if people can’t see what they’re typing, you might get all in lower, upper or mixed case on the receiving end.



    On Harry’s blog, links are broken for this post (the-wisdom-factory.com
 and groupsstartup.net) and this one too (the-wisdom-factory.com
) due to accidental text selection in the visual editor. While comments, kindly, get approved, reporting those issues there had no effect.


    I cannot answer directly to specific comments made before.

    Thanks to Stephan I got to know about the other WordPress website and found there the paper of the proposal submission. Interesting for me to guess who is behind the collaborators 1-30!

    The website here should include a section for new members with all the info – which I never got despite of being on so many calls with you during the last 4 months.

    Thanks to Stephan to point out that the links don’t work. I also would like to insert other links to other websites, as the above named is just my private blog, not what I am really up to.

    I would also like to know how I could create inside the website – as you said it would be possible for us. I cannot discover any way for me to set up anything which requires me to be admitted to the dashboard – which I am obviously am not.


    Trying to see the Living GCC Journey. The link brings me to “Diagram not found!”++++, not good if they ask you to log in and you don’t even now where!



    Hello Heidi,

    one thing we can do for referring to other posts is to make links or mentions like this: #511 – you can get the post number (absolute/global? relative/local?) from the top right of the post, in light grey color. The editor also supports a <blockquote/> (b-quote) like this:

    I cannot answer directly to specific comments made before.

    Not perfect like threaded conversation, but good enough for now I guess.

    Don’t worry, on the web, it’s also difficult for technical people to make things work properly, so a good part is ugly hacks, workarounds and plain ignorance. I think I too have no permissions for the site. The procedure for requesting those is to signal Josh via Facebook or Zoom or something like that, but in any case, the question would be what to change and why.

    With the Living GCC Journey map, I think there is an issue with coggle.it, that the gratis or paid plan or account expired, so it’s as if the map never existed. I don’t understand the point of entering such dependencies, but that’s the way it is today apparently.


    Thanks for the info Stephan. I had very little time during the last 2-3 weeks, and even now I have to be off in 5 minutes.
    I haven’t really got into the mindmapping yet and every other thing regarding this website.

    I think all the discussions which happen on Facebook should be held here. Otherwise there is little reason to be here when the discussions happen there. And to dance on all parties is not very time conscious…

    See you

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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