Sunday 15.10.2017

A poem shared by Anna inspires a conversation about structure, freedom, habits and what it could mean to find a harmony between randomness and order.

First GCC groupchat Sunday October 8th 2017

Here are some of the topics we covered:

* Holocracy. Wholeness, evolutionary purpose and management. Circles for different purposes. Re-inventing organizations. Bringing your wholeness and assuming goodwill.

* The courage to tell the truth, as we see it, openly. Seeking to create a community where anyone can speak their truth openly, nobody takes offense, and everyone is responsible for their own contribution.

* How to deal with the psychopathic 1% of the population?

* Seeing the humanness of everyone and refraining from judgments about people.

* The system for the future must adapt to all kinds of people as they are. And we need to learn how to behave with them in our midst.

* Vision of “The community of impact”. One-page paper describing practices and values: a community where each person is accountable for their own actions, and works to do good, according to what is good for them. Those who are interested will be drawn to it and no judgments will be needed.

* The importance of personal responsibility. The disharmony we see in other people will typically mirror a disharmony in society as a whole and within each one of us. This can change a great deal from day to day.

* The need for a shared purpose. An evolutionary purpose which can give inspiration, optimism, and coherence. A shared purpose exercise as deep grounding work.

* We are all one. We are learning. Together we have a great potential.

* Seeking a clear mind. Figuring out what not to do. Practicing good communication, good collaboration and seeing what emerges.

* Creative fun questions we can explore in presence together: “If we had a microphone, and the whole world was listening, what would we say?”

* Purpose as a way of being. Not aiming for something, but being in the desired future already.

* The vision of “a confederation of purpose”: The shared purpose must be very high level and all-inclusive, with great flexibility, providing space for many more specific purposes according to the interests of each person. Shared purpose as a light which is shining on all of us.

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We hope you find something that peaks your interest, tickles your curiosity, gives you a warm, fuzzy familiar feeling of resonance. We know that the most valuable commodity in these days and times is your time and attention. We hugely appreciate and value you spending it here, even if but for this instant. (written by the Values Foundation)

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