We call ourselves

“The Global Challenges Collaboration”

We meet multiple times a week to hatch plans and get to know each other better …

  • Open Discussion
  • Show and Tell
  • Barn raising
  • Unblocking

About GCC

We are a collection of dedicated, open and loving visionaries who want to create positive change in the world and in ourselves. We are diverse in professional areas of interest and skill as well as in our motivations for taking part in this group.

What we have in common.

A willingness to learn about being in the process of collaboration and to face the challenges of that together, above the need to push ahead to reach predetermined goals.

We practice being and doing.

By supporting each other and sharing in diverse ways we hope to enable a better tomorrow through active collaborations as well as by the experimentation with, and modeling of, new approaches to
global collaboration.

Recorded Zoom Calls

Everyone is welcome to join these calls. Before you speak, we ask that you wait to find out which call your on (Unblocking, Barnraising, Open discussion, Experimental, Deep Dive or Other) This will help you learn and participate once you know what call your on you will have a better understanding how the call is structured. (We are an emerging group so structures can change in the moment.) Try to just be in the moment and plan to do more listening than talking.

All zoom calls are recorded and displayed later here on the website and on youtube. If you don’t want to be recorded we ask that you don’t join the 4 weekly calls. However we do have the ability to create un-recorded dialogues, Tri-alouges, quad-ralouges Etc… if you want to arrange those conversations with individual members of the GCC you can contact individual members.


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We hope you find something that peaks your interest, tickles your curiosity, gives you a warm, fuzzy familiar feeling of resonance. We know that the most valuable commodity in these days and times is your time and attention. We hugely appreciate and value you spending it here, even if but for this instant. (written by the Values Foundation)

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