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To me, it looks like the global challenges are quite systemic ones with deep root causes – rarely analyzed, understood or addressed. I have no idea how to do something about the complex, urgent world problems, so more power to those who claim that they want to work on solving them. So I focus on other, seemingly much simpler areas: my current global challenge is to build new and better hypertext systems based on ideas by the early Internet pioneers, Douglas Engelbart (see Engelbart Colloquium Session 4A from 38:00 on and Engelbart Colloquium Session 4B from 44:00 on, but especially from 49:19), Ted Nelson, the web pioneers, David Gelernter and Ward Cunningham, as in part wonderfully presented by Bret Victor. Precondition is libre-free licensing for software as well as text/media in order to advance the formation of the libre-free, digital and always printable universal library augmented for the user with the help of curatable semantic encoding and powerful, combinable software capabilities/functions.

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