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    Tammy Lea Meyer

    Our website needs some people to get trained up on how it works and what we can do with it. We need people who want to host and participate in forum discussions, for example. Reply here if you are interested, and let us know if you have any experience with wordpress or bbpress!

    If so, we’ll be impressed. Ha.



    I know some WordPress…from reading “Professional WordPress: Design and Development” by Brad Williams, David Damstra and Hal Stern but never used any of it. Instead, I automate it from the outside as a mere hosting/storage and publishing utility via its XML-RPC and JSON APIs:

    1. Upload from a local client application
    2. Submitting/publishing from another remote server
    3. Local client application that offers a glossary
    4. Local client application that downloads all posts
    5. Local client workflow application that downloads all posts and generates a PDF and e-book from them

    Rather primitive, but works more or less. A few settings have to enable it, which is the case per default, but administrators can turn it off (which makes little sense, but OK). On wordpress.com instances, none of it works because Automattic needs to make money somehow if they’re offering you the service gratis. As I don’t like the WWW because of it’s completely stupid limitations, I also don’t like WordPress because it’s made for the WWW and therefore causes many problems. Sometimes I can work with WordPress, then it’s not too bad, widely in use and libre-freely licensed (while not ideally licensed, which would be AGPL, stuck on an old pre-network license, the GPL), but I don’t want to invest into this server package where much simpler server packages would do way better.

    If there’s a shortage in re-inventing more of the same wheel, one might want to look into jrnl, by far not the only parallel effort to do more WWW things in a WWW way. Do I want to train people for using WordPress, so more people join in increasing the mess? I don’t think so, I rather want a system that doesn’t need that kind of training.




    Just listened to 20181028 GCC Sunday Unblocking and especially what follows from 2:41:19 on. It’s really hard to find a reason why somebody should/would want to play this particular game. If there are questions, wants/needs or interesting topics, sure, but that’s about it. The usual throw-away communication one expects to waste in lack of better systems while being under the impression of wanting/needing to talk to somebody else.



    The recent discussion on Facebook about Facebook is deeply discouraging. I think there’s neither a game nor players.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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