What’s your experience of being alive?

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    Lucy, posed this question to find out what each others experience is and to discuss certain challenges and how do you have stratagys to not burn out when helping each other and collaborating



    This topic is probably referring to this discussion on Sutra.


    Yes this was from Sutra.

    Discussion on What is your experience of being alive?

    a possible discussion thread and it would be great if someone wants to step up and be a “Discussions Moderator” and a “Discussions Curator” both here and on Sutra.co as well as Facebook group and page so we can create some sort of order as well as dive deeper into topics that are both timely as well as re-start old discussions that are relevant and important.

    Who wants to Moderate the forums we have created or create a new Forum and start off the topics and keep us as a community focused, engaged and interested in each others wisdom and offerings?



    Just a minor suggestion, there are no new posts on Sutra for months, so it might be retired just as well. If there’s the need/want to migrate the posts from there to here and not loose them (wonder if they can be hidden, deleted or archived/freezed), it depends on Sutra how helpful it is for such tasks (usually a main concern before using any service – can you get off of it again, can you get your data out again and move to another place easily?), but as those posts aren’t too much, they could be manually transferred, except re-creating the identities/accounts as the originators of the posts, date of publication etc. would be the usual problem.

    Whatever is done, diverging attention and scattering data/conversations is bad, but migration is expensive as well, which is the typical stuckness that can be observed everywhere, and no solutions available.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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