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00:00    if you want to cheat but I normally with

00:03    a full table when they hello everybody

00:09    hey Sam hello hello can you hear me okay

00:21    hello hello okay it looks like Duncan

00:25    here looks like Jean can hear me Glenn

00:29    can hear me okay good

00:32    Heiner just win there Lucy good Glenn

00:38    sir I’m just I’m just showing you what a

00:41    shot oh and your audio dropped off for

00:49    me did everybody else you up my jacket

00:51    you are invited for dick this is the

00:54    salad and everything else is in the open

00:59    I’m the salad would you like to be the

01:05    sauce I can be saucy yes diving into

01:18    some great material and many course meal

01:28    maybe by the way uh early apologies

01:34    because the laptop I normally use when I

01:37    have a good high resolution camera is

01:40    down because there’s something wrong

01:42    with battery so if the video is not good

01:45    I can try and use the video that’s

01:47    hooked up to that one and replace it but

01:51    looks as good as the other just telling

01:54    the truth

01:54    oh yes you see I wonder if you do some

02:02    because when you do school share as a

02:05    razor

02:08    I’m having trouble hearing Heiner yeah

02:12    he’s sort of breaking up a bit that you

02:17    don’t do screen shares when you don’t

02:20    have well screen shows wouldn’t be

02:29    affected by cameras regardless so I

02:32    would vote for proceeding and if there’s

02:35    a problem raise it raise it when we

02:37    confront it rather than deny pathetical

02:40    okay got it welcome Josh so get one more

02:53    minute and then good to see everybody

03:00    here I’m just trying to eat lunch real

03:02    quick I’m trying not to be rude

03:05    speaking of that I picked out at dinner

03:07    last night and I’m still uncomfortably

03:09    full from dinner last night one of my

03:21    son’s friends is here to pick up a puppy

03:24    this weekend so he’s flying off tomorrow

03:26    morning back to Sacramento with

03:28    Aphrodite so we had dinner last night

03:31    and spending the whole day tea today

03:33    here trying to bond with Aphrodite so we

03:36    went out for dinner and I let myself

03:39    become too gluttonous last night

03:49    [Music]

03:51    so duck in Harry’s absence Harry had

03:54    been performing the kind of host /

03:56    moderator role that’s something you’re

03:58    comfortable with or someone else willing

04:00    to take that role I I can certainly do

04:04    that I’m not quite sure what’s involved

04:06    with giving the medium so that was happy

04:09    to do that as Tammy explains it just so

04:12    that Terry when she’s the hot seat

04:15    person doesn’t have to think about

04:17    ambient noise how the topics flow

04:23    whether or not people check in check out

04:26    you’re very familiar with all those

04:28    things I think absolutely not a problem

04:36    and one of those things might be when we

04:39    get going and by the way I am recording

04:46    recording in gallery key so if anyone

04:50    else would like to record or is able to

04:52    record a speaker view that would be

04:56    awesome on that yeah if your did you

05:02    already give me hosting pretty close I

05:05    can make you hosts okay no no Carlos

05:08    just fine I just wanted to know whether

05:09    I could record yes I’ll do a record well

05:15    glad I feel to the real quick that would

05:16    be great but I can keep it down better

05:21    post jubie’s it’s a little more a

05:36    logistical thing that I’m not aware of a

05:38    gene what time zone are you in gene

05:43    you’re muted east coast to the US okay

05:49    so you and Doug are Co times omus times

05:52    onus a Logan travel

06:09    yeah a good number people here today

06:14    you’re looking really looking forward to

06:18    it just listen to your last session to

06:21    be first a little more than an hour so

06:26    really really interested then so much

06:31    for what you’ve shared a lot of

06:33    questions and yeah ideas the moment I

06:37    guess Thank You Glenn

06:39    in fact that one one of the you know

06:42    covering some of those questions from

06:43    the first or second session might be a

06:45    very good way to start

06:46    and that’s actually I’m still carrying

06:50    where I left off which was the theme

06:54    being the human systems as opposed to

06:59    the technology systems side of the

07:04    divide and so without putting any

07:11    english or effect or influence on where

07:16    you go with I’d love to could if you

07:22    could sort of start with a little bit of

07:26    the more meta around Glenn Tom in the

07:30    way that I understand it yeah and and

07:35    and maybe also contextualized its

07:38    difference as you see in relative to the

07:41    technology the technology tools systems

07:45    side of that that would also be cool

07:55    well I do know it’s what oh nine after

07:59    the hour shall we start with some

08:02    chickens before I’d launch into those

08:09    set of questions

08:10    it looks like Josh would like to

08:16    I’ll be obvious that it’s a quick

08:18    check-in for you Sam I’ve been trying to

08:20    get in touch with you to get the email

08:21    for the global challenges collaboration

08:24    org so I can install that really

08:26    expensive theme and take off this week I

08:34    just wanted to say that’s my check-in I

08:36    just returned to harass you your face

08:43    theme I understand that’s cool

08:47    there’s Alex well I’ll swim shrunk who

08:53    else would like to check in ask

08:57    questions if you’re not familiar with

08:59    the format of the Saturday journey I

09:05    guess the only person here that uh

09:08    wasn’t previously familiar with that

09:10    format might be Jean so Jean are you up

09:13    on the last couple of days so but it was

09:18    a different format right there was a

09:21    probably Thursday open space and Friday

09:22    experiment yeah both of which I missed

09:26    okay so this Saturday is we referred he

09:32    was born raising and the Saturday sprout

09:36    and conversation was started in

09:42    principle for those in the group

09:44    interested in getting their arms around

09:48    the platform that hasn’t been built that

09:50    everybody wants it for collaborating

09:53    with each other and I’m you’re the first

09:57    person that actually responded with a

09:59    laugh which is I take as a recognition

10:01    response to the impossible I know

10:04    laurenti yeah there are a whole bunch of

10:08    people that have been working on and are

10:09    working on it we’ll work on it in the

10:12    future I’m sure so we’ve been so we’ve

10:16    been you know I guess almost a year

10:21    attempting to get to space one which is

10:24    everybody knowing what

10:27    everybody’s pieces and contributions and

10:30    and personal constructive generative

10:33    attachments are constructs our

10:36    contributions are and and did not seem

10:41    to be working our way any closer to

10:43    knowing that were achieving that so we

10:48    started an experiment Sam is the second

10:53    person in the what we referred what

10:56    sometimes have referred to as the

10:58    hotseat I sort of prefer to refer to as

11:01    the person on stage and the construct is

11:05    basically simple that each person who

11:10    wants a turn has the stage on a

11:16    completely unconstrained and person on

11:21    non prescribed basis to share themselves

11:29    their work their gifts what they bring

11:32    to this endeavor for everybody else it

11:36    is 100 percent revolving around a tenth

11:42    time and attention focused on receiving

11:44    from them it’s it’s not dialogue or

11:49    conversationally framed but the parts of

11:53    the the people who are receiving are

11:56    obviously coming from a place of

11:59    generative curiosity and are invited to

12:02    ask questions and I didn’t in service to

12:07    understanding really understanding what

12:11    who’s presenting is sharing and that the

12:17    person who’s in the sharing on the stage

12:20    seat has that seat as long as it takes

12:23    for them to feel like they’re complete

12:27    they’ve shared everything they want to

12:29    share have to share as comprehensively

12:33    and profoundly in extensively as

12:35    possible you’ll satisfy that they’ve

12:39    been heard and that

12:40    they’ve been understood and that

12:43    everybody in attendance convert

12:47    feels they’ve received all of that

12:50    download and have as close to an equal

12:54    appreciation understanding and awareness

12:56    of the presenters offerings as it’s

13:00    possible for them to have and then when

13:04    that person yields the stage the next

13:06    person assumes the position there’s no

13:10    there’s no constraint from the

13:12    standpoint of time so as many Saturday

13:16    sessions and somebody needs warrants or

13:18    takes as many sessions as they take and

13:21    people who attend or show up have

13:24    tacitly acknowledged and accepted the

13:28    idea that they’re in for the long game

13:32    that you know our mission and goal is to

13:37    be here in service to the presenter and

13:41    at some point along the way each one of

13:43    us will have an opportunity to also be

13:47    the presenter and that we as a cohesive

13:51    group will always support that person

13:55    and be present and accounted for to

13:57    support that person coming forward so

14:00    that’s the construct of Saturday of this

14:02    these Saturdays and currently sim is in

14:06    the seat and this is round 3 and this is

14:14    round 3 so there are two previous

14:19    Saturday sessions of Sam that you could

14:23    refer to look up and screen and you know

14:27    people may or may not be aware of this

14:29    but it is possible to review to playback

14:33    videos from the GCC at higher than one

14:37    to one speed you can actually speed them

14:40    up to one and a half or two times their

14:43    normal speed and turn two hours into

14:45    appreciably less time to listen through

14:49    so I also wanted to share that because

14:52    in these sessions in particular it’s

14:55    helpful valuable to go back and know

14:57    that you’ve got somebody’s complete

14:59    offerings under your belt as we go for

15:05    everybody at the end of the process to

15:07    end up fully up to speed and everybody

15:10    to be aware of everybody else as fully

15:13    as it seemed in the past producer and

15:16    Jean for your purposes so inclined

15:19    before Sam Sam as the second person

15:22    tanning went first and there are three

15:24    or four I think four rounds of Tammy

15:29    that would give you a sense of Tammy and

15:33    with that with that I’m done and on the

15:36    framing if anybody wants to add any

15:39    color you’re welcome to and if not

15:42    consumed you’re off to the races

15:46    unless of course we want around the

15:48    tickets I can say a few words so I’m

15:56    really glad to back here I haven’t been

16:00    able to blow on the Colts for the last

16:02    week I’ve had a wonderful week then of

16:06    summer meditation retreat with 16 people

16:09    and yeah it was just totally magical and

16:14    I have followed a few of the

16:17    conversations I think you said and I had

16:22    gained the first deep dive with Sam and

16:26    I was very very interesting to hear you

16:29    talk about your childhood and the

16:32    grandfather and his legacy and the

16:36    expectations that came along with that

16:38    and so today I began to listen so I

16:45    think I heard some more than an hour of

16:48    last Saturday session that’s because

16:51    they in really hectic whole week so I

16:53    hadn’t had time to attend anything and

16:55    and I wrote something style and I think

17:00    was a lot of very fascinating music your

17:05    interest from

17:05    check how you did this conductor and and

17:12    then a lot about Douglas Engelbart and

17:17    his ideas of an evolution of how we use

17:23    the tools so the human system side and

17:27    the two side and how we can enroll the

17:34    way we use the tools the way we use the

17:37    technology and evolve it in a way which

17:40    puts a human being at the center and

17:46    where we can learn from the tools and

17:51    the tools can learn from us and then

17:54    there can be this virtuous feedback

17:57    cycle on coevolution and where of course

18:03    our conversations and Sharons with each

18:06    other will be other Co evolutions within

18:09    that greater coevolution

18:12    and that’s the process that you describe

18:15    there and which was angle marks big

18:18    dream with the knowledge repository and

18:22    how we can build on it by different

18:25    variations and that was something else

18:27    that struck me when you talked about how

18:30    there can be repositories of many

18:33    variations of a formulation so you will

18:37    have to delete anything it seems like a

18:40    system which really sees every item as

18:44    fundamentally valuable and where there’s

18:50    a an information system where all the

18:54    experiences can be included so I found

18:58    that very very interesting the question

19:04    how do we want to live and how this

19:07    question has been ignored and you

19:09    thought the Silicon Valley culture they

19:11    described how how that culture has

19:17    underestimated the human

19:20    besides maybe give me be talked about it

19:23    maybe we wanted to do well but you know

19:27    haven’t given it the attention it

19:29    deserves

19:30    I guess it’s deponent get out of it and

19:33    that they certainly missed opportunities

19:35    big big big opportunities for how the

19:39    human being can be at the center I mean

19:41    it reminds me very much of dognition dog

19:44    which is what was here which talks about

19:46    the human being side of Technology and

19:48    so there’s some really clean can learn

19:51    justice here and I feel totally along

19:53    with all this make you do that there’s

19:56    this call evolution of Technology and

19:58    humans and communication and where we

20:01    learn and learn how to be good and that

20:05    then you come into your community and

20:07    impact and how slowly just one rule

20:11    people get together and we just try to

20:13    be good as they understand it and

20:17    according to their best understanding

20:19    them which hopefully is a rolling over

20:22    time and if we can be almost and open

20:26    about it we can just share our learnings

20:29    and that’s to be understandings and

20:32    there will actually be real evolution of

20:34    understanding and that that seems to be

20:37    that big dream which all of this is sort

20:41    of dancing around but do and this has

20:44    been and I feel that yet like Josh says

20:49    very much related to his project of

20:52    these blogs and his blog networks and

20:55    what we talked about we’re sharing that

20:58    so that’s kind of interesting to notice

20:59    here too that this is really in line

21:02    with a lot of the things happening you

21:04    do speak to and so that was a few of the

21:09    things that I noted and I love the

21:12    question what kind of conversation can

21:16    we have to include to systems and human

21:20    systems of tana practices values

21:23    principles protocols and to really go

21:28    into those questions and try to figure

21:32    it all comes

21:33    playing while beginning to fly it it’s

21:38    false so so yeah so this and then of

21:44    course the evolution of language the how

21:46    the how to’s the waste memory assignment

21:51    and how to also include this so

21:54    obviously it’s a very big project but

21:57    it’s a very inspiring dream and

21:59    obviously you’ve come really interested

22:03    in this big dream and so Engelbart work

22:07    was not in vain

22:09    cuz he passed on the fire and it’s still

22:14    burning here so yeah so with that I

22:18    think let’s keep it burning

22:28    you

22:35    get out I had a pretty tough week my

22:43    husband is home after together three

22:48    weeks and yeah yesterday I had to pick

22:54    him up so I couldn’t come for me when

23:05    last time when we were when you were

23:09    sharing about your music career that was

23:14    very impressive and it happened that

23:19    just two days later a very good friend

23:23    of mine had his birthday so I called him

23:27    in Romania and then he was talking about

23:31    how how music achieved what all people

23:37    try to to do and yeah and he went so

23:45    write a book about it and so and I

23:47    thought he has to talk to touches them

23:50    it was like it was so clear that and so

23:55    I invited him in the group and I shared

23:58    the TED talk and so I’ve been working

24:02    with him for a few years as he was

24:07    practically in in Romania and main

24:09    Germany for business consulting firm

24:13    worldwide so we we were just starting in

24:19    our countries and he came home from he

24:23    was working Microsoft a physicist so

24:27    yeah to transform Romania and he’s

24:31    really doing that so it’s yeah so that

24:36    said love him to have some time to to be

24:41    here and to share and I hope you can

24:45    meet soon Sam

24:50    I don’t know how it has said I think

24:56    it’s a crucial part of who you are being

25:01    a musician and the conductor and and I

25:05    think that infuses also the work you do

25:10    it’s it’s not separate it’s not ok I’m

25:16    messed that up so yeah I think that

25:24    there is something in that that that

25:29    supports us all and maybe with done you

25:39    we could find out what that is and that

25:45    that really touched me so it may maybe

25:51    you were not meant to be just a

25:53    conductor but to use all that to a

25:59    conductive far bigger thing so in Glen I

26:09    mean I just blown away by your

26:13    capability your ability to summarize

26:16    take out the important parts so we don’t

26:20    have to say anything about on top of

26:23    that but when you said I will have a

26:27    short introduction is that okay I will

26:30    look what short means for you yeah so

26:38    thank you simp for for sharing all that

26:40    with us and and I think there is

26:46    something like an Eagles view to bring

26:50    that all together and have it really

26:52    playing out well

26:59    yeah of the conductor and as we play to

27:04    as Fleming furnish on group dancing

27:08    formation dancing or in other

27:11    environment there’s even one more than

27:14    the conductor it is the Mozart the

27:18    Brahms who are conceiving such big

27:22    pieces but I really like us being more

27:26    than just jam session to really very

27:30    very very interactive and to really be

27:34    tourists so I think we should really be

27:38    aware of the time would take and the

27:40    time we steal so I’m listening now as

27:43    I’m cooking

27:53    you

28:04    we can go I’ve had a strange day but I’m

28:08    not sure I could share anything very

28:10    coherently about that so hop over it

28:13    feels like this is all about Sam so

28:15    there’s no need to talk about himself I

28:18    love what you just shared go child I

28:21    also have to this I don’t have a special

28:23    connection from Romania but I also have

28:26    this real strong feeling of listening to

28:28    you talking about the musical part that

28:31    there’s so much more in there I can’t

28:34    really give any explanation but I just

28:36    have that feeling so I’m hoping that

28:39    you’re going to talk a bit more about

28:40    that today

28:41    but yeah otherwise just happy to be a

28:46    part swing

28:56    about an hour with

28:57    today looking at Sutra and you know I

29:05    think that we should be using it it’s a

29:08    a marvelous piece of environment that

29:12    he’s developed it’s a lot deeper than it

29:14    looks has the potential to overcome some

29:21    of the difficulties we’ve had with

29:24    discussion groups forever in that

29:25    they’re typically divergent in nature

29:28    and the environment allows one to go

29:32    through and mine the the nuggets of

29:35    understanding out of it and coalesce

29:37    them into something that someone can

29:40    come and and digest in a short period of

29:43    time we used to have discussions that

29:45    were seven and eight hundred posts long

29:47    that no one would ever read and there

29:49    was essentially no way for a new person

29:52    arriving to figure out where it was that

29:56    we were so that we would end up having

29:58    the same discussions over and over and

30:00    over and over again every time a new

30:02    person showed up so there’s I think

30:05    there’s a there’s an enormous amount of

30:07    potential there then we should be moving

30:09    in that direction rapidly with some very

30:13    focused topic targets and I spent some

30:20    time yesterday and today wandering

30:22    around all of the various and sundry

30:24    pieces of GCC then I’m called that the

30:29    lack of order okay it’s it’s I posted

30:34    something and I just had this marvelous

30:36    thought-provoking exchange with Alex

30:39    thank you Alex I hope I wasn’t too rough

30:41    I like to be coercive sometimes just to

30:47    provoke thought though I have a whole

30:51    bunch of people I would like to invite

30:52    here the difficulty is I don’t know what

30:56    I’m inviting them to I mean it’s it’s

30:58    chaos and I think that they would not

31:02    stay very long so rather than invite

31:05    them I wait for a while

31:09    and if we don’t figure out how to pull

31:10    things together then I’ll probably

31:12    become so I’m a very impatient person

31:16    well I’m patiently impatient so that’s

31:20    my intro

31:26    Thank You Jean

31:32    another very the mannequin came only

31:38    PopCap wants to make been on my own

31:43    feeling very spaced Hilton kind of

31:49    connected so thank you very much until

31:54    Carol I will

32:03    you

32:10    not doing a quick chicken it’s bill

32:13    years with the morning in here in

32:15    Australia and I’ve been listening to

32:22    quality different versions of what we’re

32:25    about this is a social network it’s like

32:30    if you’re if you’re not engaged in

32:36    developing something that’s going to be

32:39    a useful to actually achieve some

32:41    objective then you know you’re just

32:44    going around in circles when we’ve got a

32:46    social network happening but that’s my

32:51    chicken

32:52    missile it’s interesting to observe

32:55    quietly thank you say Emily

33:10    and I think we’ve heard from everybody I

33:12    think your app so in one quick response

33:20    to any impatience that sits in any of

33:24    you I’m going to go right to the endgame

33:27    and then connect the dots to the endgame

33:31    let’s see if this is one way to have the

33:34    conversation you could say I will say

33:37    that there are five reasons I’m really

33:40    involved here in GCC and each of these

33:43    reasons is not really going to make

33:44    sense until we dig in but I’ll just

33:47    cover those five initially and see

33:51    whether that’s one way which is by the

33:56    way a question that has been asked many

33:58    times as jeana’s observed and it’s not

34:02    easy for a newcomer to actually come in

34:04    and find out what it is that GCC is all

34:06    about and that theme has appeared

34:09    multiple times and jean is right to

34:12    raise it again because it is hard for

34:14    him to find what we’re all about a

34:17    perusal of what we have posted so before

34:22    i connect the dots here are the five

34:24    reasons I’m really involved here at GCC

34:27    as with many of you I want to help shape

34:33    or form or in a sense to live and

34:38    exemplify the society that we want to

34:40    live it so we have an opportunity

34:44    although it’s a very niche community

34:48    it’s an opportunity to be an exemplar of

34:50    what we want the world to look like when

34:53    we interact differently by differently

34:56    I’m referring to Doug’s

34:58    frame of industrial versus non

35:01    industrial who could actually talk about

35:03    the use of words there as well but we

35:06    want to be that community that actually

35:08    treats each person with respect with

35:10    love with connection with support and

35:14    again those are all values that could

35:17    each themselves be hours and hours of

35:19    conversation but that is reason number

35:22    one

35:22    why I’m here is that we wrote this

35:24    proposal in September to say we want to

35:27    come up with what those global

35:28    governance models are but rather than

35:30    waiting for an approval waiting for an

35:32    award ready for any share that five

35:34    million dollars we said we’re just gonna

35:36    do it and that’s how these conversations

35:39    started we’re trying to figure out how

35:41    do we want to be with each other that’s

35:44    number one number two is and again this

35:49    is gonna take some dots connecting

35:51    number two is I think that this group

35:57    has a potential to be what I’m calling

35:59    the community of impact now what I’m

36:02    calling the community of impact is that

36:04    set of people not everybody on the

36:06    planet may be point zero zero zero zero

36:08    zero zero one percent or even fewer but

36:11    I’m looking for some small set of people

36:14    who really want to be the ones we’ve

36:16    been waiting for who really want to

36:20    practice what being good means to them

36:23    not what somebody else says being good

36:26    is but what each of us decides being

36:29    good is and a more than deciding that we

36:34    actually live it

36:34    we’re explicit about how we want to do

36:37    then

36:38    and we’re explicit and accountable to

36:40    ourselves whether or not we actually met

36:43    our own standards our own definitions

36:46    our own guidelines protocols principles

36:49    of what good means and that

36:53    accountability extends not just to

36:54    oneself but to to other trusted people I

36:58    picked two because it’s a minimum

37:00    necessary Network kind of a model if

37:04    you’ve got more than two that’s great

37:06    but I really request the people who want

37:09    to do this have to people and not just

37:12    anybody to people who really know you

37:15    who you know who love you whom you love

37:20    and are willing to say you know no you

37:24    know that’s let’s go deeper and

37:27    really really hold that accountability

37:29    so that you become better at doing that

37:33    good that you want it to be

37:36    it’s a way of expressing fear and love

37:38    for someone to actually help one Scene

37:40    this it’s not a confrontation it’s an

37:43    assistance

37:44    it’s an acceleration it’s a support and

37:48    it is alone so that’s reason number two

37:50    I think this community of all the

37:52    communities that I’ve been in has the

37:55    potential to find a few people who want

37:58    to start practicing these protocols

38:00    principles ways of being these ways of

38:03    living that’s number two number three

38:07    gets back to the original reason why

38:11    this group exists its called GCC because

38:15    it responded to the global challenges

38:17    foundation request for a proposal on

38:19    Boog

38:20    global governance models and rather than

38:23    saying oh let’s change democracy to

38:25    something else like holacracy autocracy

38:27    whatever it is okay we wanted to

38:30    reexamine but it meant to make these

38:32    agreements among each other as a society

38:35    and by agreements I really mean down to

38:37    the lowest level something I’m calling

38:39    micro grievance a micro agreement like

38:42    we’ll have a conversation on Saturday a

38:44    conversation that is recorded a micro

38:47    agreement that says we’re going to share

38:48    these recordings look micro agreement

38:51    that says we’re going to check in first

38:53    low micro agreement that says maybe

38:55    we’re not going to interrupt each other

38:57    unless somebody goes on and on with the

39:00    exception of these cut hotseat formats

39:02    etc etc there are these little micro

39:05    agreements that I think I am hoping we

39:10    all examine discuss and come up with and

39:14    then codify and share with each other

39:17    and live to that hopefully can scale to

39:23    some global impact so that’s reason

39:26    number three is I’m still with back to

39:28    my mind on exactly why we were brought

39:31    here which is can we as this exemplar

39:35    kind of mini community come up with

39:38    micro agreements that then scale so that

39:41    we can come up with global governance

39:42    models and these bottles are not static

39:45    anything that’s going to persist has to

39:48    be

39:49    flexible has to be adaptive but cannot

39:53    be weak so there’s the fine balance you

39:57    know the Constitution of the United

39:59    States one can hold up is one example of

40:01    something that has stood for 200 plus

40:03    years that’s basically an instant in

40:07    historical terms other civilizations

40:10    have lasted much longer but it seems to

40:13    have some of the new protocols and

40:16    principles that we seem to like and yet

40:18    it’s resulted still in a society that

40:21    has not been working for most people so

40:23    we have to think about how to be

40:26    different with different micro

40:28    agreements again that’s reason number

40:31    three reason number four is that as Glen

40:38    mentioned the steam of evolving our own

40:41    human capabilities as we evolve the tool

40:45    and technology capabilities and that

40:48    each needs to inform and influence the

40:51    other is a theme that we call human

40:55    systems tool system’s coevolution that

40:57    was dug stir well when I look at what

41:01    we’ve been doing and Doug looks at what

41:02    we’ve been doing up until he passed away

41:04    at 2013 and we look at how technology

41:07    has been quote-unquote innovated adapted

41:10    adopted it changed it has worked wonders

41:17    as far as any measurable way we want to

41:21    look at it but can we say the same thing

41:24    about our human systems we don’t

41:30    necessarily think about how we need to

41:32    be different when the tools we create

41:34    for ourselves give us more keep it or

41:37    keep capability so we don’t necessarily

41:42    internalize and live the fact that as

41:44    we’re giving the capability we leave we

41:47    ought to learn new skills so that we can

41:50    actually apply and leverage those tools

41:52    and technologies more much more

41:55    effectively I mean when we talk about

41:58    music for example the cool thing I think

42:00    about music versus this

42:02    conversation format as in music

42:05    everybody’s got a voice almost at every

42:07    single moment here in this conversation

42:10    format with the restrictions it has one

42:14    person has a voice other people are

42:16    expressing in facial response body

42:19    response gestural spots yes you can play

42:22    your body as an instrument this way

42:23    visually but at least the audible

42:27    channel creates noise when more than one

42:29    person speaks so we’re still kind of

42:32    restricted in that way so when we have

42:35    these conversations we’ve all noticed

42:38    what a difference it is to be able to

42:39    see everybody’s faces see everybody’s

42:41    body posture etc okay interact so you

42:44    can get those cues separately from what

42:47    is coming across through your ears you

42:49    know there’s still another channel

42:51    available there’s a chat channel for

42:52    example that anyone can interact with

42:55    can add to can respond to what’s being

42:57    said asynchronously without having to

43:00    speak and yet there’s still relatively

43:03    little adoption of that channel

43:06    we each have screens that can have

43:09    multiple windows we could be referring

43:11    to models texts documents diagrams

43:14    pictures maps etc in separate screens we

43:18    could even share them but we’ve not

43:20    really learned how to do that very

43:21    effectively at scale in this format so

43:26    partially in response to the Ducks

43:27    question about the sealing systems tool

43:29    systems coevolution theme I do want to

43:31    highlight that we as people haven’t

43:35    really internalized that as our tools

43:38    evolve we need to consciously evolve we

43:44    still behave pretty much the way we

43:46    behave to hundreds of years ago we use

43:48    different tools but we think of them in

43:50    old terms it’s the old edison idea you

43:53    know he didn’t come up with a new idea

43:55    for electricity that i was told the

44:02    story once that he actually did not do

44:04    an effective wiring for his electricity

44:07    because he had to use he’s the conduits

44:10    in which the gas or oil was actually fed

44:14    into his lamps in his house

44:16    so by adapting to existing architectures

44:19    he was able to introduce it in such a

44:22    way that it was easy for people to add

44:27    on so he his terms like electric flame

44:30    or something like that I could be wrong

44:32    but anyway the introduction of

44:35    technology requires hooking it into the

44:39    ways people understand but in addition

44:41    to that it took generations before we

44:43    actually started talking about

44:44    electricity much much differently than

44:46    we talked about the old candles and

44:50    based lighting systems so that is idea

44:55    number four we examined the ceiling

44:58    system flow systems phenomena and say:

45:01    why is it, we can’t in any way similarly

45:05    say that our human systems capabilities

45:07    double every 18 months. Or pick a

45:12    different time frame, maybe it’s every

45:13    five years, ten years, whatever the time frame

45:14    is, but can we even say that about

45:16    ourselves? Almost any measure can reapply

45:22    to ourselves about our capabilities with

45:24    respect to time is technology based the

45:27    number of emails you can give see the

45:29    number of texts of people you can

45:31    connect with via Facebook you know but

45:34    what is it about us individually as

45:36    people that truly has evolved do we

45:39    think differently do we behave

45:40    differently maybe it is maybe it’s very

45:43    subtle but until we understand that and

45:46    until we actually explicitly try to grow

45:48    that we’re not doing the same thing with

45:51    ourselves that we’re doing with

45:52    technology that’s idea number okay so

45:57    let me just call that how do we scale

46:00    what we do so the and this underlies an

46:06    approach which Doug took to his

46:09    technology which is he didn’t consider

46:11    himself a technologist I’m talking about

46:12    Doug Ingle

46:16    tools into the hands of people so that

46:19    the problems we can solve together

46:21    events we can create to you are much

46:25    more than what we each of us or by two

46:27    by two can do that was his dream

46:31    because he is one of the early people

46:33    that says hey you know if the population

46:35    growth continues the way it is unabated

46:36    if the way we consume resources on the

46:40    planet continues you know he saw this

46:41    decades ago other people have seen it

46:43    but that actually took an approach that

46:46    was exemplified through how his life to

46:49    build tools so that we could actually

46:51    address these problems because he

46:53    thought for us to do this he didn’t

46:55    think it was possible for individuals

46:57    that come up with the solution to the

47:01    planet right he didn’t envision himself

47:02    or anyone else as a Jesus to come down

47:05    and just you know solve everyone’s

47:06    problems for us we had to work together

47:08    and for us to work together we have to

47:10    be able to communicate with each other

47:12    to share information to share plans to

47:14    be able to share mental models okay and

47:16    that basically says the way we handle

47:19    information the would would create new

47:21    information from our senses and existing

47:24    information that’s what he was trying to

47:27    give us it’s better ways to do that and

47:31    as I mentioned in the last causes very

47:32    briefly instead of really taking that

47:35    vision and running with it too many

47:38    people have taken specific examples of

47:41    it like multimedia like word processing

47:44    like linking in made billions of dollars

47:47    out of it but the grand vision of how we

47:50    use all of that together and evolve our

47:53    own capabilities to address bigger

47:54    problems has not really been front and

47:58    center very small groups of people do

48:02    see this but it’s not what is the

48:05    conversation in Silicon Valley and it’s

48:07    only barely now beginning to be

48:08    conversation elsewhere and it’s

48:12    unfortunate that as I mentioned Doug

48:14    viewed himself as a failure when he

48:16    passed away in 2013 because he couldn’t

48:17    get people into these conversations and

48:20    I was there in those conversations with

48:22    if people would visit him in his

48:24    Atherton home and they would want to

48:26    talk about links they want to talk about

48:28    you know what she links be five years

48:30    or what should documents be five years

48:33    do you like HTML you know blah blah blah

48:35    he was never interested in those

48:37    conversations cuz to them to him

48:40    those represented technology views of

48:43    what he was trying to do they didn’t

48:45    represent the whole coevolution view of

48:48    what he was trying to do he was always

48:49    trying to uplevel us in our conversation

48:52    about this so that’s why in order for us

48:57    to understand the limitations why do we

49:00    don’t do this I have collected a number

49:04    of questions questions that are directed

49:07    at why don’t we do this what keeps us

49:09    from this what could enable us to do

49:12    what allows us to scale successful

49:14    collaboration and this term that I’m

49:17    using you’re free to about I’ve adopted

49:20    this term ecology which is how we study

49:24    the protocols principles guidelines

49:27    tools practices of successful

49:30    collaboration that scales so that’s idea

49:34    number four idea number five is much

49:39    more personal and it really has to do

49:42    with the fact it most of these ideas for

49:45    me are grounded in these conversations

49:47    with Doug there’s other philosophers

49:50    that have come before Doug but Doug was

49:52    the one that really personalized it and

49:54    lived his life accordingly to try and

49:57    give the world these perspectives these

50:00    views these tools and so in 1968 when he

50:07    demonstrated what could be done with

50:08    computers and as Alan Kay acknowledges

50:13    Silicon Valley and most of the rest of

50:14    the world is still working off of that

50:17    vision to thunk shield in 1968 it meant

50:21    that the conversation about that bigger

50:23    picture has dissipated Doug didn’t have

50:27    the opportunities for those kinds of

50:29    dialogues so 2008 the 40th anniversary

50:34    of Doug’s demo on summer night actually

50:37    was the eighth tonight we did a day and

50:40    a half conference around that 40th

50:42    anniversary

50:44    I earn seven friends put together

50:47    conference at the Tech Museum in San

50:50    Jose California to basically say we’re

50:55    not done yet

50:56    now SR I put together 40th celebration

51:00    about the retrospectives all the work

51:02    that Doug did and it’s all right but we

51:06    wanted to say what’s left to do the

51:11    short Foreman story is and then 2008

51:15    2010 2013 2015 we had four conferences

51:19    all call program for the future there

51:21    were all different takes at embracing

51:24    and trying to keep Doug’s vision alive

51:27    and trying to invite collaborators to

51:31    participate in embracing extending

51:33    Doug’s vision so there’s a number of

51:36    people I mean come up in contact with

51:37    that are still doing this so that thread

51:43    this idea of embracing and extending

51:45    Doug’s vision and keeping it alive

51:47    keeping his inspiration belies his idea

51:52    of number five I’m calling that program

51:54    for the future PFT F so I’m gonna do a

51:57    slight pause because this is not a quick

52:00    answer but it is what answer one way to

52:03    answer that question why are we here

52:05    it’s my answer to why am I here and I

52:09    know that isn’t really yet well grounded

52:12    in a way I talked about it they wanted a

52:14    – but I have intended to connect those

52:16    dots but I wanted to at least give gene

52:20    a very serious response to this question

52:24    and I’ll pause here for a second to take

52:27    a drink how much of the meaningful

52:35    response am I likely to remember but

52:40    though Doug has written a lot of it in

52:42    in the chat you know if there existed

52:51    a two-page document with a one paragraph

52:54    abstract at the beginning that contained

52:57    the five things that you just talked

52:59    about one sentence each and then a

53:02    paragraph for each one of them a new

53:05    person coming to this group could absorb

53:07    what it’s all about in ten minutes for

53:11    me I don’t want to represent that that’s

53:13    what it is for the group what it is

53:15    somebody needs to write it down so we

53:18    can evolve it okay as opposed to

53:23    everybody having their own mental

53:25    construct of of what it means which

53:29    means we have no collective agreement as

53:31    to what it is we’re about and if we have

53:35    no collective agreement as to what it is

53:37    that we’re about why would anyone else

53:40    ever come here so embedded in your

53:46    question in where you just got to Jean

53:50    is the essential challenge and the

53:54    essential mission core mission I would

53:59    assert on a collective basis for why

54:02    we’re here at least for these Saturday

54:06    experiments this is an attempt to get

54:11    all from one what that one brings each

54:19    person will have their day to do their

54:22    show and tell

54:23    were there days to do their show in town

54:27    and that with all of that captured video

54:31    zoom also generates a transcript file

54:35    that’s just what an audio file that’s

54:37    just the audio track which is then

54:40    convertible into a transcript so we’re

54:45    generating the Ramat the raw material

54:48    the projected individual raw data as we

54:52    speak and that seems like as rational

54:55    and intelligent a starting place as any

54:58    we then need to figure out how to

55:00    process that we then need to figure out

55:03    how to

55:04    still keywords word triples and patterns

55:08    and means and create ways for people to

55:12    access it contextually based on their

55:16    curiosity and their generated engagement

55:20    in whatever moment they’re in in the

55:22    future and but this is as good a place

55:27    as any to start in terms of generating

55:31    the source data in a way that’s not

55:33    trapped inside Sam’s head or my head or

55:37    Tammy’s head or Josh’s head or your at

55:40    and it’s as good a start as we’ve

55:45    managed to get to to get to tangible

55:47    cases generating data in itself it’s

55:56    something to do and I’m concerned about

56:01    the objective is the objective to

56:03    monetize it at some point in the future

56:06    what’s the global challenge global

56:09    challenges to come up with a solution to

56:11    the global crisis the global crisis is a

56:15    result of the old paradigm failing they

56:18    have the population and global warming

56:21    and then if we had to have a discussion

56:24    about global collaboration it’s got too

56:28    involved at least Parliament’s that have

56:31    involved the crisis the world’s facing

56:37    here’s the question here’s the question

56:40    I’m going to ask you in response to that

56:42    so there are lots of people that are

56:46    staring in the rearview mirror there are

56:50    lots of people staring at the global

56:52    crisis and chewing on it like a dog for

56:53    the bone there are some people that are

56:57    actually out in forests and villages and

57:00    towns and whatever boots on the ground

57:02    doing micro initiatives there are lots

57:06    of people that are pontificating

57:11    fantasizing and writing books and

57:15    selling

57:17    okay I’m not interested in being a

57:21    member of any of those populations I’m

57:23    interested in figuring out how do we do

57:25    us differently to avoid a global

57:27    extinction around

57:32    that’s my soul that’s my soul focus and

57:36    doing us differently can’t be any of

57:38    those things it’s got to be different.

57:40    We’ve got the tools already, we’ve got

57:43    the network already, we’ve got the

57:45    ground-up movement happening already,

57:46    we’ve got a collaboration happening

57:48    already, right? We’ve got the incentive,

57:51    we’ve got the right people, we’ve got the

57:53    means, the

57:56    mechanisms, we’ve got a global Internet.

57:59    When every one of us has got a web page,

58:02    they’re all connected to this

58:04    Internet, and the tools that are

58:06    available…the machine learning

58:08    tools, the smart, intelligent – the smart

58:10    contracts and the virtual

58:15    tunneling networks that are quite secure

58:17    give us the ability to have an

58:20    incredibly powerful social network as

58:23    well as the commercial network if you

58:25    want a commercial network. All of that is

58:28    well and true the question is how do you

58:30    deal with the fact that you’re dealing

58:32    with human beings Oh it’d have to have a

58:37    solution for the whole world there can’t

58:40    be anything less no but before it before

58:43    you even get there. How do you deal with the

58:45    human dimension that human

58:48    beings have to do it? Children

58:51    understand the structure, children

58:54    understand the fact that if you unite,

58:56    you’re stronger. Two is stronger than one,

58:58    two people united together in a

59:01    cause is stronger than one person and

59:03    the powers that want to divide us will

59:06    prevent us from uniting. The dark forces

59:10    will crush us before we grow or kill

59:14    us before we grow. try to attractive man

59:19    Bob Marley song jump in there judgement

59:28    Josh go

59:30    I feel like I’m on CNN I just one of the

59:34    reasons why I come here is we don’t talk

59:35    over each other and that’s what things I

59:37    love another thing is I feel Alex I’ve

59:42    been spending four months trying to just

59:44    build a wordpress and it took about four

59:46    months and it’s not done it’s naughty

59:48    you know it could take another four

59:49    months and don’t take as long as it

59:50    needs to take because we’re human cm is

59:52    a human being he has things going on in

59:55    his life and I’m right there with you

59:57    Alex and I’m right there with you gene I

59:59    was woke up at 8:00 in the morning

60:01    talking to a client on Sutra with you to

60:04    help to find this discussion group so

60:06    I’m here to build a triad

60:08    Alex gene if you’re impatient with this

60:12    I get impatient with this cuz it’s slow

60:15    [Music]

60:18    let’s go let’s go internet speed let’s

60:20    go but I feel that this beautiful it’s

60:23    not a global crisis challenges

60:26    collaboration group, it’s a global

60:27    challenges, and the challenge is: can I

60:30    sit here and listen for an hour and a

60:33    half? That’s the challenge in our

60:35    societies: can we actually listen to each

60:38    other? And that’s all I wanted to say and

60:39    thank you guys for listening to me I

60:41    appreciate that but please reach out

60:44    I’ve put in you know a base camp Alex

60:46    you’re so out of I appreciate that and

60:49    I’m here to move fast but this I think

60:52    is here to move slow and it is

60:54    frustrating when you’re impatient

60:55    because I’ve been inpatient for a long

60:57    time so I just wanted to say that is the

61:05    group collectively in a more meaningful

61:07    place than it was a year ago yes where

61:13    do I see that well it would be seen if

61:18    one followed all the conversations but

61:20    that is a very time-consuming task

61:22    obviously and sixth-year yes but there

61:27    are several ideas which have developed

61:30    during the process which have really

61:34    deepened in your understanding it’s been

61:37    a process where the participants have

61:39    deepened their understanding of their

61:41    own situation and of their own ideas

61:44    and also have them challenged with those

61:47    ideas with other perspectives and we’ve

61:50    sometimes been talking to United or our

61:53    importance of meeting and questioning

61:57    everything in open space we can ask

61:59    whatever needs to be asked and out of

62:02    this we’ve also been created obviously

62:04    hours and hours and hours of video

62:07    material all of which can be highly

62:11    valuable as a documentation of a real

62:14    life process where we’re actually trying

62:17    to do this which is the possibility that

62:21    Doug Engelbart talked about and that

62:24    many people talk about and that’s what I

62:28    believe we’re doing here we’re actually

62:30    doing it and this is what we’re trying

62:34    to do in the student calls and all of

62:37    this there’s a lot of material which

62:39    will come and all of the material can be

62:42    revised and improved and made in all

62:44    conser variations so there’s nothing

62:47    written in stone at any point and that’s

62:50    the beauty of this that we have this

62:52    possibility to actually recreate

62:54    ourselves in real time by using the

62:58    minds of everyone in doing that I this

63:03    is something really spectacular which is

63:06    beginning to emerge and which is the big

63:09    possibility the fog angle bars and many

63:12    other people have read the welcome they

63:16    say there’s no reason we couldn’t do it

63:19    so let’s try let’s try to do notice said

63:24    there is no try there is only do you’ve

63:32    got a year’s worth of material that you

63:34    have amassed it’s not been synthesized

63:37    and where will you ever find the

63:40    capacity to synthesize that year that’s

63:43    gone by it has to be done piecemeal

63:47    step-by-step on the fly as you go

63:50    because I mean is there anybody here who

63:53    has spare time you have extra time all

63:56    you do I

63:57    [Music]

64:06    for me I I think it’s very valid with

64:10    you asking say Asian and I’m getting

64:15    kind of unsettled it’s at least I’m not

64:22    not because of the content what you’re

64:25    saying but because it’s Sam’s time and

64:28    that’s why I’m here

64:29    it’s pretty late here and this is what I

64:34    came in here for because that is an

64:40    otherwise Iife in my concentrations

64:45    going like what is it now and I won I’m

64:50    here to open my ears and provide them

64:54    for with them I apologize for hijacking

65:01    the session it’s all yours Sam yeah and

65:05    this has place in Thursdays or Sundays –

65:09    no, even Fridays, but not Saturday. I just

65:15    wanted to briefly mention also to Gene

65:19    that we have also a project of

65:21    connecting WordPress blogs where we

65:24    actually do want to write down real

65:27    synopsis, so I’m absolutely for us doing

65:31    that and I think it’s really important,

65:32    but I also think this these deep dives

65:35    are a unique opportunity to really get

65:39    to know the coherence of the ideas of

65:42    one human beings clockwork and that I

65:47    think those two together that could

65:49    really be dying a lot and I truly

65:52    believe there’s a big big possibility of

65:54    getting something very very loudly more

65:57    out of it so but yeah now I think it’s

66:02    fans

66:06    you

66:09    what do you got, Sam? I really want to

66:13    appreciate these questions because the

66:15    questions that frustrated Gene and that

66:18    everyone acknowledges are…valid. Our

66:22    questions have frustrated me for quite a

66:24    while.

66:25    And while the recognition of the need

66:29    has been apparent ever since we started

66:33    this forum in September, there’s been

66:36    other currents and strong feelings

66:39    within the group, in its participants,

66:41    that these codifications, these writings,

66:47    these agreements, were too strict and

66:56    were too reflective of the current

66:58    industrial paradigm, the current

67:00    industrial frame, and that’s been a

67:03    long-standing stream of conversation

67:06    that has frustrated probably all parties

67:09    in that topic for about a year. Where I

67:15    come down on that one is that until we

67:19    have agreements, we only have individuals

67:22    in this group and I use the word “only”

67:24    because there’s this implication that we

67:27    want more, but a group of individuals who

67:31    sees themselves as trying to build the

67:35    society that we want to live in is a

67:37    very important thing still. See, I think

67:41    of it as: I can be impatient, I could

67:45    leave, but then that shows that we who

67:49    are gathered here, who want to live

67:52    collaboration, who want to live

67:54    co-creation, are not able to do it with

67:57    each other, and if we who feel so

67:59    strongly that we want to do that, cannot

68:02    do that, where are we gonna find it? we’re

68:08    gonna find it in the either the old

68:09    industrial frame we’re gonna have an old

68:12    you know Rogers Rules of Order based

68:15    organization we’re gonna write minutes

68:17    we’re gonna write contracts we’re gonna

68:20    write meeting summary

68:22    and that’s the way the world is working

68:24    today we haven’t evolved that very far

68:28    so I’m here despite my frustrations I’m

68:32    here thinking that if we don’t do it we

68:36    shouldn’t be surprised that the whole

68:37    world is going to go out and without us

68:40    we here have a privilege and

68:42    responsibility to see if we can level up

68:45    our means of sharing ideas our means of

68:49    sharing things that last and we’ve got

68:54    to be able to deal with disagreements

68:55    and different expectations and

68:57    disappointments and different values and

69:00    different approaches to things and

69:01    different senses of timing because of if

69:04    in my view we’re going to exemplify in

69:06    this new society all of that is going to

69:09    be represented in that new society and

69:12    we can’t just be so insular to start it

69:15    just by working with people who are very

69:17    much like me or very much like you or

69:19    very much like name a random person we

69:24    have to disagree and think

69:26    constructively about how we move forward

69:29    that’s why I one of the very first

69:31    agreements I made very seriously to this

69:33    group whoever this group represents and

69:36    at that time it was Tammy was I’m not

69:40    quitting I’m not leaving despite any

69:44    frustrations despite any disagreements

69:46    despite any mystery bit or whatever

69:48    might come leaving is not an option we

69:53    have to figure it out

69:54    if we vote with our feet we’re looking

69:59    for people like us that means we’re not

70:01    looking for people who disagree and who

70:03    we could then constructively find a

70:05    connection with and constructively

70:08    constructively create a solution with

70:12    now other people could justify however

70:15    they want they could say oh well you

70:17    know we’ll go and do something quicker

70:18    we’ll go and do something with more

70:20    money well go do something who are

70:22    smarter blah blah blah doesn’t matter.

70:24    For me, if we’re gonna be the society

70:26    that we’re gonna live in, we have to deal

70:29    with all people and all different

70:31    aspects of any of those spectrums of,

70:34    or dimensions, or capability sets, or

70:37    anything: age or whatever, we have to deal

70:40    with that, and if we can’t, we shouldn’t be

70:43    surprised that in 30 years from now, there’s

70:46    just a bunch of spiders and arachnids

70:47    and, you know, worms and whatever else, so

70:52    that’s why I’m here. I don’t expect that

70:54    to apply to everybody, but that’s why I’m

70:56    here. Now number three or four whichever

71:01    I said which is the study of what blocks

71:04    us or the study of what helps us succeed

71:07    in this collaboration every one of these

71:12    videos every one of these conversations

71:14    is an endless stream of case studies in

71:20    collaboration collaborating okay we can

71:24    see where somebody got frustrated we can

71:25    see where somebody left we can see we’re

71:27    in a conversation to compile it turn we

71:28    can see where something spoke over

71:29    someone else okay

71:31    that’s what being on the video record or

71:34    being on the audio record or being on

71:35    the written record really means okay I

71:37    don’t expect that I’m here as a perfect

71:41    exemplar of what it means I’m just here

71:43    as a regular human being so all of my

71:45    blow ups all my flare ups all my

71:47    frustrations all my irritations all of

71:49    my miscommunications all my

71:52    disagreements you know my interruptions

71:53    are all on record because over time if I

71:58    don’t reflect that I’m growing and

72:00    learning and connecting and creating

72:03    with others then I’m not showing any

72:08    evolution whatsoever and that’s gonna be

72:12    a sad story I’d rather show some

72:14    positive edges you know evolution

72:15    towards something whether it’s more love

72:17    whether it’s more connection whether

72:19    it’s more creativity was more

72:20    understanding of collaboration words

72:22    more assistance to others whether it’s

72:25    for listening you know any of that is

72:28    something I’m willing to show so again

72:34    thank you for asking those questions

72:36    they’re in the back of my mind as well

72:38    to unite have probably asked in multiple

72:40    times before you know many months ago

72:42    and one of my standard grants is

72:48    we don’t realize we are many when I call

72:50    smart people problems

72:53    smart people problems actually get in

72:55    the way of collaboration because it

72:59    takes huge generosity to really

73:01    understand someone else it takes huge

73:04    generosity in listening to say well you

73:07    know let me see if this person is

73:08    somebody I can recruit from my own

73:10    project or my own ideas versus can we

73:13    co-create something together and before

73:15    we can co-create I have to understand

73:16    what those other person’s ideas

73:18    achievements are and that doesn’t

73:21    usually happen even in academia that’s

73:24    very difficult one thought the

73:27    publication pressures went under you

73:29    know time pressures once on their

73:30    reputation pressures all of those make

73:35    that very difficult to have that

73:36    generosity of showing up ethnicity and

73:39    that’s what I’m finding very very

73:42    different about this format there is a

73:44    Self Indulgence I’ve feeling about

73:46    taking this time so I’m trying to

73:49    express things as clearly as I know how

73:51    to express in direct response to some of

73:53    the questions that are being asked

73:54    because I don’t want this to be an

73:56    irrelevant set of discussions that one

73:58    just walks away from but having the

74:01    stimuli makes some of the ideas that I

74:04    really want to express find the right

74:08    timing so this idea of collaborate is

74:16    not a well-formed idea but it’s a set of

74:19    questions that at least has two results

74:25    that I’m experimenting with right now

74:28    one of the experiments is something that

74:31    started in 2009 2010 that I’m calling

74:34    the CCC it’s a communication and a

74:37    commitment to collaborate

74:39    it’s a unilateral declaration it’s got

74:42    five or six or seven parts depending on

74:44    whether you include the meta parts or

74:45    not but it’s basically handful of

74:47    questions to say I think I’ve heard

74:50    something interesting and what you do

74:52    here’s what I think I’m doing there

74:55    might be of interest to you here’s what

74:58    I think we could potentially do together

75:02    here’s how I like to work and it’s an

75:04    invitation for the other to respond so

75:07    its unilateral is non-binding and I’ve

75:10    got dozens of examples that it comes

75:12    with a preamble that I have worded

75:14    somewhat carefully that is at the point

75:17    three of version state because I’ve

75:20    modified it twice the first in 2009 the

75:23    second probably much not much later than

75:28    that but then the last was pump about a

75:30    year ago antenna reviewed it so I said

75:31    what do you call the documents you it’s

75:34    called the CCC a commitment and sorry a

75:38    communication and commitment to

75:40    collaborate so Tammy has one for me I

75:42    have one for her I’ve got some for a

75:45    dozen two dozen other people I’ve

75:47    written one for program for the future

75:48    and it’s one that Tammy’s experimented

75:51    with and other people are starting to

75:53    experiment with and the reason I find it

75:55    interesting is it because it takes all

75:58    that party conversation that business

76:00    conference conversation what happens

76:01    after the exchange of business cards

76:05    there’s this very unstructured

76:07    ill-defined very loose set of

76:11    conversations that happens between that

76:12    exchange of a business card and the

76:14    actual cementing that I used that word

76:17    pointedly or concretizing of a contract

76:20    or an employment or some other kind of

76:22    agreement okay that intervening time

76:25    period is a period for exploration of

76:28    collaboration opportunities and I’m

76:30    saying if you truly are interested in

76:32    doing that that collaboration

76:34    opportunity could be brought about

76:36    possibly more quickly if you address

76:39    these particular points and invite a

76:41    response on those particular points so

76:44    in fact what I wrote one for Tammy

76:46    around September or August of 2017 she

76:50    thought it was a powerful way to express

76:52    an intention so she responded in like

76:56    with a CCC inference as well and if you

77:01    listen to her conversations in our

77:03    conversations that structure has kept us

77:06    in the game

77:07    there are moments I wanted to quit the

77:09    moment she wanted to quit but the fact

77:11    that we had this unilateral statement to

77:15    each other

77:16    really made a big difference for each of

77:17    us and if you talk to Tammy I think it

77:20    makes a big difference for her and she

77:21    will corroborate that so that’s one the

77:28    other that I wanted to come up with and

77:30    I touched on in the overview of the five

77:33    objectives is this idea that I’m looking

77:39    for a few people who want to do good in

77:42    the world and I don’t want to tell them

77:44    what good means I want them to tell me

77:47    what good means for them so for me good

77:52    could mean a whole set of things around

77:54    some very motherhood apple pie values

77:56    you know it could mean justice

77:59    it could mean fairness it could mean

78:00    love it could mean democracy right

78:03    everybody’s free to define for

78:05    themselves what good means and if you

78:08    take a look at all the 50 or so terms or

78:11    abstract ideas that people associate

78:14    with goodness pretty much everybody’s

78:16    gonna say yeah that’s good but it’s

78:20    different how people spend their time

78:22    and spend their lives in pursuit of one

78:25    or more of these things

78:28    this conflict show-up does this

78:31    Agreement show up because if you’re

78:33    really going after something you’re

78:35    gonna end up with disagreements we

78:37    didn’t end up with conflicts with those

78:38    who are trying to do something else even

78:42    people who were trying to go and

78:44    exemplify in love could come up against

78:47    people who are trying to exemplify

78:48    fairness it is that possible because we

78:52    each have different notions of what

78:53    those things are so it’s not for me to

78:57    say what good means to anyone but I want

79:00    people to really examine for themselves

79:02    over and over and over what good means

79:06    and I try to do that for myself as well

79:11    and for me to say have I really been

79:15    good this week or this month or this day

79:17    or this year or whatever time period is

79:20    in question and for me not to just

79:23    congratulate myself but for me to have

79:26    people who know me it

79:29    willing to say you missed an opportunity

79:32    there or you did this but it also

79:35    created this negative potentially

79:38    negative or harmful side effect were you

79:40    aware maybe I wasn’t aware which case

79:43    till I be accountable for that or should

79:47    I be accountable for that because I

79:48    didn’t realize that it took a yes good

79:51    yes and that reminds me of how you said

79:55    in one of the conversations you asked do

79:59    we value excellence let that’s been on

80:06    my mind if we want to be good we

80:11    actually practice it them can we make

80:15    sure that we walk the talk that’s what I

80:21    feel is what you this is the bomb that’s

80:25    our new way of eating off I mean this

80:32    past week Thank You Glenn

80:34    this past week I ran across one of the

80:37    old sayings that has made its rounds

80:39    across Facebook which means if your

80:42    values are not held in times of test or

80:46    in times of conflict I forget exactly

80:49    how is worded then they’re not values

80:51    they’re just hobbies so what are our

80:59    hobbies what are the items number twenty

81:01    to fifty on our values list versus what

81:04    are two values I was probably one or two

81:06    on that values list and that’s what I’m

81:12    trying to clarify for myself so if I

81:14    have people and I think Tammy is one

81:17    questions lovingly whether I’ve been

81:21    true to my intent and whether I have

81:27    really truly been living according to my

81:29    values and cuts through my cuz

81:32    I know she loves me I know I love her

81:34    but she’s gonna help me look at what I

81:36    did I have other people like that as

81:40    well

81:42    but I’m recommending that each of us

81:45    have at least two such people so that we

81:50    can be clear that we are evolving and

81:53    learning how to live differently. I’m not

81:56    just the same person I was 10 years ago.

81:57    Hopefully I’m doing better than I was

81:59    10 years ago, otherwise I’ve been wasting

82:01    my 10 years in one sense and for me I’ll

82:11    just say what good means good for me is

82:15    a channeling of compassion a courageous

82:18    channeling of compassion so that we can

82:21    coexist and it took me a while to get to

82:32    that expression of what good means for

82:34    me and I’m not necessarily good at being

82:42    good yet it’s a difficult goodness to

82:47    live well good save Jesus if I had ten

82:51    million dollars I could be better at

82:52    being good so I can tell the whole poor

82:55    me story of why I can’t do more but at

82:59    least I’m gonna start here so for me to

83:08    be able to offer the questions around

83:11    collaborate and to offer the practices

83:13    around the CCC and the practices around

83:16    the COI the community of impact which

83:18    basically summarized down to four things

83:21    what decide what good means for yourself

83:25    explore explicator okay share it with

83:28    your trusted gut peers to hold yourself

83:31    accountable to these trusted peers have

83:34    regular retrospectives you can call P

83:38    respectives because we’re all you know

83:39    treating each other as peers and in

83:44    holding those retrospectives learn

83:48    that’s the whole point of these

83:50    retrospectives

83:51    is to learn how did I do

83:54    can I do in some sense better again

83:56    better is up to you you apply your own

83:58    metrics and and the most important

84:03    aspect to me is how do it connect with

84:06    others who want to do this who are

84:09    holding themselves this accountable to

84:11    themselves for being good because if we

84:13    can find other people like this this

84:17    creates strong community because if I

84:19    have collaboration opportunities with a

84:22    Joe random person off the street versus

84:24    somebody I know is trying to hold

84:25    themselves this accountable for me I’d

84:28    much rather collaborating with someone

84:29    who’s actually holding themselves

84:31    accountable this way because I know I

84:33    could then count on certain ways of

84:36    interaction certain ways of

84:38    communication and that’s the cellular

84:41    growth that I would like to see is these

84:43    kind of strong connections around people

84:45    who are applying these protocols and

84:47    practices and by the way this is only

84:49    the current understanding of the COI

84:52    okay I’d like to have constant review of

84:56    how this is working

84:58    but COI yes the community of impact okay

85:03    yeah I’ve got a link to the four points

85:06    around the COI

85:07    the practices again my my whole

85:09    objective here was I didn’t want a big

85:11    Constitution I don’t want a big

85:13    declaration I just want big fought a few

85:16    words single sheet of paper

85:17    very simple otherwise this can be hard

85:20    to understand hard to express so if

85:24    you’ve got a community of impact to that

85:25    info it leads to a Google Doc that

85:29    actually has this in large fought for

85:32    main bullet points one single sheet of

85:34    paper but there’s also commentary that’s

85:37    on it because I’ve shared it with so

85:38    many people and I’ve responded to much

85:41    of the commentary and so the current

85:43    form of that talk is what has resulted

85:46    for me out of those multiple forms of

85:53    discussion

85:56    and I’m not again expecting a huge

85:59    adoption of this but all I require

86:02    in my view my estimate is all I need is

86:05    two thousand the thirty thousand people

86:07    who believes that they want to do this I

86:09    think if I’ve got three thousand to

86:12    thirty thousand somewhere in that range

86:14    we’ll start shifting the planet that’s

86:20    my belief I can’t prove it but I think

86:23    that you know there are certainly other

86:25    efforts have already shifted the planet

86:26    with a hundred thousand people there are

86:30    some groups are shifted with less so I’m

86:33    looking for somewhere about three

86:34    thousand thirty thousand but I think

86:36    it’s reasonable given that there’s an

86:39    emergence of this awareness that the

86:44    planet is on this path whatever path you

86:47    want to describe and that there’s a need

86:49    to sort of change direction or change

86:52    the way we do surgeons I hope that lake

86:58    still works I haven’t gone to it right

86:59    now but hopefully Gina I think I saw

87:01    your type I did I hope it’s still there

87:05    okay Joshua you’re saying thumbs up okay

87:07    Alex you’re safe flows yeah go ahead

87:10    Oh Scott when I when a cell when a cell

87:13    divides and if the community if the

87:18    community is growing boy having friends

87:21    ask other people can join and one person

87:26    creates Detroit by asking two team

87:29    members to join them you’ve got a

87:32    segment that three members segment then

87:36    in cellular growth as a cell divides

87:41    from one to two than before then I it’s

87:44    growing exponentially so after twenty

87:46    iterations the one cell has become over

87:50    a million

87:52    there’s just twenty iterations half of

87:55    that ten iterations it’s grown to

87:58    community like oh well over ten thousand

88:02    so I would say thirteen or fourteen

88:05    iterations and you have your thirty

88:07    thousand people

88:10    [Music]

88:11    Santee do you see these pieces like

88:15    being in that human systems domain very

88:20    much okay so you see these as as parts

88:24    um as as sort of concrete ingredients of

88:27    that original formulation of that that

88:31    original side of the coin yeah I do and

88:36    in fact I also see myself as a failure

88:38    because after so many years there’s only

88:40    these two very concrete things that I

88:42    can offer for consideration I would like

88:47    to come up with more in fact you know my

88:49    my dream around collaborating is that

88:53    eventually we understand that as a body

88:55    of knowledge as a body of understanding

88:57    so well then we can then model it much

89:01    more usefully much more effectively in

89:05    fact my ultimate dream around

89:07    collaborate is that we expel the

89:09    language around it a language which then

89:12    is susceptible to mathematics so we can

89:14    actually create much more interesting

89:17    models around the way we grow the way we

89:20    scale the way we interact but I’m far

89:25    from that be careful Sam it’s beginning

89:31    to sound like a religion

89:33    what’s wrong with religions other than

89:35    that people are unconscious it’s a

89:41    seriously how is this sounding like a

89:43    religion actually because of what’s

89:51    being defined the way of believing of

89:54    behaving, you know, the religions continue

89:59    to go to war with each other.

90:02    It sort of has it sort of has a

90:04    prescriptive energy and frame around to

90:10    it

90:12    on some level at least that’s how I’m

90:14    receiving yet and I think that’s where

90:18    jeans you know invocation of religion

90:21    sort of resonates because religions are

90:24    have that same sort of phenomenology or

90:27    a true you Josh and if you don’t want to

90:30    think about it as religion think about

90:33    it

90:34    similar to systems thinking which we

90:37    tried to sell to the world for seven

90:39    decades and they’re still alive

90:41    okay and the primary reason that systems

90:46    thinking is not more broadly adopted in

90:48    the world is because of system Kingdom

91:20    it’s full evolving the crux of the

91:25    matter is we are at major crossroad

91:29    presently and they’re not going away

91:33    people like us have to come forward with

91:38    some really good systems that we can all

91:43    attend to and it seems to me that

91:48    perhaps we are working toward a global

91:52    egalitarian society my my Rome may be

91:56    immature but all these need exploring

92:04    John Josh was waving his hand and Alex

92:07    stuck his finger up after and I want to

92:10    make sure they have there

92:11    position here Josh thank you very much I

92:16    just knew I just want to say I’ve been

92:20    thinking a lot about holding people

92:25    accountable and having two people

92:28    accountable to a third person and when I

92:31    first got into the GCC I started

92:33    practicing this group dialogue and then

92:37    moving into I’m sorry group discussion

92:41    and then moving into dialogues versus

92:44    try logs individually with each person

92:46    and so I just wanted to share a story

92:48    that happened to me on Wednesday because

92:50    I don’t give in to society very often

92:53    but I was at a birthday party and at the

92:56    very end when they sing happy birthday

92:58    to you the guy next to me hit a note

93:02    with it was a beautiful room and I asked

93:07    him afterwards to repeat that note

93:09    because it was a very nice little note

93:11    he couldn’t do it so I called my friend

93:13    les who was just walking by at the party

93:16    and I said come over here and I said

93:20    this gentleman did the ooh and so I said

93:22    if he can do it again so he tried to do

93:25    it

93:25    les saying that ooh I sang the oh and

93:28    the three of us the tritone locked in

93:31    back to that original to me in him to

93:42    try to get the new it didn’t work came

93:44    over and there was three of us it locked

93:47    back into the oh so I just want to say

93:48    there’s something mathematically or

93:50    musically that has to do with three

93:53    people being accountable to each other’s

93:55    good so I just put that into practice

93:57    and it was quite successful so I just

94:00    wanted to say not a religion but

94:04    something that just works

94:08    Allen I think that I think that was in

94:13    that song with a b-flat but getting back

94:16    to the religion we’ve got to be capable

94:18    of Scientology or study Scientology and

94:21    the spaghetti monster Church the Church

94:24    of the spaghetti

94:24    that makes you all wear those funny hats

94:27    I’d like to avoid that one but there’s a

94:33    lot to learn from religion yeah sure

94:35    that’s it take the good parts from each

94:37    religion but a mall in a hat makes it

94:40    out in the soup

94:42    yeah thanks you saying oh that’s then

94:46    something else but I’ll come back to it

94:48    later so we can go ahead yeah we could

94:57    have the good parts of all traditions

95:04    else but the trouble stories well those

95:10    who below the way we can’t repeat them

95:12    so that’s the whole point right

95:14    to avoid those stupid mistakes and try

95:18    to learn and figure out a new way to be

95:21    and it doesn’t have to be the way then

95:26    before we can create it from be common

95:29    and that that things may work queer

95:32    which on chameleons and that’s what your

95:36    plan is about Sam so when you say this

95:41    about 3,000 to 30,000 yeah I mean a

95:46    substantial change can happen inside of

95:50    a group like that yeah how do we know

95:54    the consequences I name it it might

95:58    completely change the world and okay let

96:02    me just say it simply according to my

96:04    best understanding something like that

96:06    if it was powerful enough it was a truly

96:09    powerful transformation of the lives of

96:12    these people

96:13    3,000 to 30,000 then I have no doubt it

96:17    will totally change the future of

96:19    anything that happens on planet because

96:22    everything is connected so every event

96:25    matters and there’s no way couldn’t

96:28    transform but concerning how it would

96:31    transform it we don’t know at all

96:33    because it’s far too complex but

96:39    we don’t have to be completely on our

96:41    way of being and that seems to be the

96:44    agreement which has emerged among the

96:46    people here in the VCC that it’s about a

96:50    way of being a way of being us a way of

96:53    being me new and a way of talking and

96:56    listening and trying to actually learn

96:59    together which is what many of those

97:02    religions haven’t managed and maybe it’s

97:06    something people have always wanted to

97:08    do but it’s it’s been difficult to do it

97:10    but even if it’s difficult it can be

97:14    possible and that that seems to be what

97:18    we’re what we’re trying to do and that’s

97:21    what you’re talking about that you say

97:24    so see I I got triggered when Jean used

97:30    the word religion but the more I

97:33    understand the explanation behind it I

97:38    got less figured because that criticism

97:41    could apply to any agreement the reason

97:45    I don’t think it applies absolute this

97:47    is an opt-in as I say I don’t expect

97:50    everyone to adopt this but I would

97:53    expect that some small number of people

97:55    find this useful to experiment and there

97:59    is no promise on making about the end

98:03    game whether it’s paradise whether it’s

98:05    heaven more than 76 versions I’m not

98:07    making any promises I’m just saying if

98:09    you want to do good try this and I’m not

98:14    there with a hatchet or a club or a belt

98:16    or any contract or any legislation to

98:23    hold anybody else accountable you’re

98:24    holding yourself accountable if you want

98:27    to if you want to learn if you want

98:29    something good if you want to make an

98:31    impact if you want to make connections

98:33    with others who want to make that impact

98:35    that’s all I’m suggesting and it is only

98:37    a suggestion I’m the last person who

98:41    wants to prescribe a big systemic

98:44    solution on the world I think out of the

98:48    I Triple S and others you know yeah

98:50    we’ve seen attempts but

98:52    people seem to resist this imposition of

98:55    structure except when it comes by big

98:57    promises appended or what comes with big

99:00    promises of immortality at some form or

99:04    promises of any number of virgins you

99:07    know in the afterlife it’s so creepy

99:10    if I’m not probably so so I just I want

99:18    I want to sort of stay in in case in

99:22    context and at this point in process for

99:29    you number one how are you feeling and

99:42    and what’s your what’s your you know

99:48    experience if you can articulate and

99:50    Shera as far as you have gotten and and

99:54    and secondarily I know you’ve got more

99:59    to share and to drill down into two

100:05    things one will you and two how

100:10    powerfully are imperatively do you feel

100:13    the desire the knee or the drive to do

100:15    so so that’s I guess sort of three

100:18    questions in a row let’s rise on the

100:21    thermal so so the first is how are you

100:24    at this point like how are you feeling

100:28    you know where and the reason I’m

100:31    raising is because it’s it’s 542 so

100:34    we’re coming up to to the two-hour mark

100:37    and as everybody knows here it’s not a

100:39    hard two hours but I want to respect

100:41    people’s time – I know so you know I’m

100:44    tired in Kingston New York I can’t

100:47    imagine how the folks in Europe or

100:48    feeling so but but I want to I also want

100:53    to sort of you know check in with you

100:58    I actually feel quite good I really

101:02    appreciate the interaction I think that

101:04    if everybody agreed with me this would

101:06    be rather useless

101:07    I like the disagreement I like the

101:08    back-and-forth I like the challenges

101:10    because in a sense I’ve been trying to

101:13    challenge those ideas many opportunities

101:16    in the past year myself already

101:19    okay I’m in a different mood right now

101:23    because I think that I’m not speaking

101:25    here to these nine or ten people

101:27    formally right I clearly AM I’m speaking

101:31    to hopefully a few others who may be

101:34    viewing this video who others may be

101:38    looking at hey I’m gonna get a better

101:41    sense almost Anne’s been saying because

101:42    he’s been saying it for so long

101:43    right so for that I know that the

101:47    questions in jeans mine and hiders mine

101:49    and Josh’s mine are going to be in the

101:51    minds of others who are viewing this

101:53    video and if we don’t bring them out

101:54    it’s gonna be another echo chamber I

101:57    don’t want this to just be an echo

101:59    chamber it’s a privilege and a luxury to

102:02    be given this opportunity but I don’t

102:04    want to just be talking to people who

102:06    think like me if there is anyone who

102:09    thinks like me okay so that’s that’s the

102:14    answer I think to question number one

102:15    okay Doug can you rephrase question

102:19    number two so so question number two I

102:23    think it’s pretty clear that you’re not

102:27    done today you’ve got more to bring more

102:32    stuff to present and share and I’d love

102:38    to sort of you know poke that a little

102:42    bit just for you to to sort of plant

102:45    some seeds here that will provide a

102:48    starting point and and generative bed

102:52    for where you start next Saturday the

102:55    assumption you want to and the corollary

102:59    to that was I’m curious and this has

103:01    really just sort of an aside for me

103:04    whether how you experience the ability

103:09    to do that whether

103:11    there’s as much sort of energy and

103:17    imperative to have to do that or to want

103:19    to do that going into you know next

103:25    rounds or is it coming for is it a

103:29    different experiential place sharing in

103:32    this kind of container because it’s not

103:35    competitive it’s not competing with a

103:38    clock it’s not competing with somebody

103:40    next in line it’s not it doesn’t have

103:42    any of that stuff going on so is the

103:44    experience of sharing itself and what’s

103:47    coming to be shared different for you

103:54    this kind of sharing opportunity is in

103:57    my view an experience of a lifetime

103:59    it doesn’t happen often it it’s rare to

104:03    encounter such generosity among such

104:05    bright talented considerate

104:08    compassionate listening people it’s very

104:12    rare I don’t take it for granted I would

104:17    love to be able to go a deep into some

104:21    other aspects of what I offer it but

104:24    it’s an offer to do so because I did

104:27    spend last time and this time mostly on

104:29    the human system side I actually have

104:31    been for three decades a technologist so

104:34    my first encounter with Doug was hey

104:36    here’s that all the all the other new

104:38    technologies we could be building the

104:40    Silicon Valley is not yet building so

104:42    there’s at least five or six things on

104:44    that side that I have not even touch to

104:45    that touch Todd there’s other human

104:48    systems ideas the ideas of Confederation

104:51    before Federation ideas about you know

104:54    other smart people problems I’ve met you

104:56    there’s a global sim as a technology

104:58    there’s tweet as a protocol

105:00    there’s mentor as a learning practice

105:04    there’s just the idea of learning itself

105:07    whether or not we like learning and

105:09    whether we actually believe that there’s

105:13    the look towards December 2018 which is

105:16    the 50th anniversary of Doug’s mother of

105:19    all demos those are all things that I’ve

105:23    noted that I would love to touch on

105:25    and given an opportunity given that

105:28    generosity those would be places that I

105:31    would like to take Sam I just want to

105:36    say that I’m so full of today’s session

105:39    and it’s just wonderful come up I feel

105:46    that I would love to really go deep

105:49    because I remember you said that you had

105:52    material for almost half a year and you

105:55    know if you really feel like using half

105:58    a year I mean that would be

105:59    extraordinary I mean just just like dog

106:02    saying all the time in the world to

106:05    really go deeper into it because it’s a

106:07    live work and for example everything

106:10    about your experiences with mapping of

106:13    terrains which have to do with the

106:16    relationship between information and

106:18    physical events in space which is

106:21    something we touched upon many of us

106:23    that I’m sure is a whole chapter which

106:26    is really interesting and how those

106:28    skills and experiences you acquire

106:30    they’re also it’s kind of part of what

106:35    made you who you are as well as this

106:38    work with Engelbart and then your

106:42    experiences with language recognition

106:47    virtual intelligence which is also a

106:51    field

106:51    closely related to communications so

106:54    clearly relevant in any kind of social

106:57    system to have a communication system so

107:02    to really go into all these experiences

107:05    you have and then these more specific

107:07    projects which you want to do in which

107:11    as I see it you really started it full

107:16    steam ahead and that’s what you’ve been

107:17    doing when you’ve been showing up here

107:19    and that’s what these conversations are

107:22    about there’s an experimental ground

107:25    for us to really explore these things

107:27    and really clarify our thoughts and our

107:30    relations and share and listen and learn

107:33    together and so the community of impact

107:37    is already a

107:39    getting to come to life and we’re

107:41    beginning to do at least something in

107:43    the direction of this this dream so you

107:48    are talking the walk and many are along

107:53    with you and it’s been great journey so

107:56    far and I just hope it’s just gonna

108:00    continue continue and continue

108:02    just continue having these conversations

108:05    continue learning just keep coming back

108:07    and that’s what you promised and you’re

108:10    not waiting you just continue and that’s

108:14    that seems like a path to really Neil

108:17    eyes this condition of the coevolution

108:20    so I’m really looking forward to hearing

108:25    more about the talks on all these things

108:28    and and how your knowledge about

108:31    artificial intelligence and also

108:33    remapping languages might be held for us

108:40    to to actually organize these systems in

108:45    a way that works and works well for

108:47    human beings as we are so so that’s what

108:51    I’m I kind of see from from everything

108:54    you share so so thanks a lot for this

108:57    and it’s a real treat yes I can’t thank

109:07    you I hear your doggies no I wanted to

109:11    say I asked you two times do you have an

109:14    a plan in mind

109:16    what kind of learnings what kind of

109:19    failures what would you like to share

109:22    with us concretely

109:24    because we understand you well as a

109:27    conductor as a lover of science on music

109:31    and we learn much more from you where

109:35    you failed and where you had your

109:37    learnings so I had this idea and I still

109:41    have this hope because this is an open

109:44    ending story here that you come at least

109:47    two to three concrete office

109:52    what you feel as tools can help us

109:56    I remember Jack questioning Tammi three

110:01    weeks ago

110:02    Tammy what do you bring concretely

110:05    concretely concretely and she was not

110:10    really as I interpreted able to say I’m

110:13    listening I’m facilitating I’m juggling

110:17    behind the scene and I’m really bringing

110:22    in the social fabric to keep the group

110:26    together and asking different questions

110:28    so I imagined that you maybe can expand

110:35    and really say where you failed utterly

110:39    because there is this learning inside

110:41    and the other thing I wanted to say you

110:45    see I went through a deep learning curve

110:47    for the last ten days because we had

110:51    some frustration after in half a year

110:55    one year was a global communication and

111:00    conversation experiments was fleming and

111:02    tammy that tammy was always doing one on

111:07    one and one and one and i’m this very

111:10    impatient guy i cannot stand still and

111:13    then two people talk to you the other

111:16    and the others down no so i really

111:18    pressured her to make a hot seat and I

111:23    was brave bulge vulnerable or whatever

111:28    and there I want to tell you what I’m

111:33    coming here so strong we tried and this

111:38    was lunatic to do it all in one hour

111:41    because that is the frame we have at

111:43    that time so I prepared half an hour

111:46    past present future my milestones my

111:52    learnings my failures and the second

111:55    half what I bring to the table my three

111:58    legs as I called it it failed utterly

112:02    when revisiting it now I mean it’s such

112:05    a blessing

112:06    that I can revisit it it is such a pain

112:09    but also such a great learning that I’m

112:13    coming not only to learn about you and

112:16    and your mental mold how how you bring

112:20    it up but how we bring it together with

112:22    Anthony judge and other paul otlet

112:26    monden areum very early ideas of

112:29    hypertext that we build something up

112:33    would you solve it for scaling and

112:36    that’s why I have this impatience same

112:40    with dream I want to really greet you

112:43    dream here because I think it’s very

112:45    important that we base on all these

112:48    learnings done in the uia dura done

112:53    around this four tribes of system

112:56    schools having a different truck or

113:02    terrain and once is reflecting on

113:05    process and the other on boundary and

113:07    has on systems and they have no common

113:10    verbiage anyway I didn’t want it to talk

113:13    I had my meal and I listen and I enjoy

113:17    it and I hope Jeanne has a little bit

113:20    more patience because it could help me

113:24    thank you

113:36    I’m inspired by your and this was a

113:40    theme also first session and last week I

113:45    think by your commitments in integrity. I

113:48    think it’s a really big deal to do

113:52    what you have done, to say: I’m not

113:53    leaving, and I think that’s a big part of

113:56    the problem that we all get so

113:58    frustrated in the communication and

114:01    collaborations we’ve been part of and we

114:03    all sense the urgency of the problems

114:06    and we let that kind of steer too

114:09    much and I think what we need to do is

114:11    to commit to things and to stay in there

114:14    until we start making progress and that

114:15    is uncomfortable, but I believe in it a

114:19    hundred percent,

114:20    so I think it’s fantastic that you you

114:23    model that and that you keep saying it

114:25    so I look forward to next week

114:33    Sam I look forward to a future

114:35    discussion around my 19 year love-hate

114:39    relationship with the brain I’ll try

114:46    I’ll join that wonderful conversation I

114:52    saw some models in some of your videos

114:56    yeah if you go to the brain

114:59    I’ve got about half a dozen that are

115:00    shared but it’s frustrating to work with

115:03    after a while and so on we’ve been a

115:09    language we’ve been used to communicate

115:12    with the neural network but my

115:19    references to a piece of software by the

115:21    brain technologies and I saw some some

115:25    images in some of Sam’s videos and that

115:27    was what I was making a reference to

115:29    yeah the brain comm if you’re interested

115:38    [Music]

115:44    I’m times this month for for four weeks

115:48    in a brain painting project we’ve done

115:52    it already three years ago with a

115:55    patient who has LAN yes so she cannot

115:59    move any Moscow she is only dancing with

116:02    their eyes and there we did all this

116:06    funding and whatever and this is

116:09    bringing her into a museum or your

116:12    ministry to really do something was

116:16    allows a totally different science set

116:20    and ability and means set so I will

116:25    census a link around because I think it

116:30    helps you so much to think out of the

116:32    box and sing like a blind or just like a

116:36    smelling or whatever person

116:52    good thank you oh yeah yeah I’m looking

117:02    forward to next time just the

117:06    name-dropping made me curious and yeah

117:11    thank you for this this round and

117:17    especially starting to really say would

117:22    you commit it to her while you’re here

117:24    this this really opens a lot for me and

117:28    I could could resonate with all of it

117:32    with my personal twist but it was a core

117:37    where I think that is why we are all

117:40    here and yeah thank you very much and

117:45    looking forward to that and I’m very

117:49    interested in what jean has to

117:51    contribute it it was not about that it

117:53    was just this that for me Sam was the

117:59    one to to be listened to

118:04    so thanks I just wanted to add something

118:09    Jean that I really hope that you will

118:11    not get frustrated and leap I really

118:14    hope you’re gonna stay because I have

118:15    this feeling that you’re coming along

118:17    bringing something that we need yeah so

118:22    I hope you hope you stick with us other

118:25    than just the bull in the china shop

118:27    that’s good we like that also

118:32    too much finer yeah I’ve got a

118:37    compelling compelling reason to come

118:41    back every week and be on screen face on

118:46    screen that’s because some of some

118:49    idiots have been attacking the things

118:52    I’ve been trying to do on the internet

118:53    the other websites have been attacked by

118:56    hackers and so there’s some nasty people

118:58    around in this world and it’s very that

119:02    if I’m here every week you know

119:04    what yes when their do you have anything

119:17    well actually I can’t you have anything

119:19    to say it’s coming along nicely I look

119:26    forward to the evolution of our group

119:29    into a cohesive awesome

119:38    can I leave the group with a quote from

119:40    Lao Tzu always to know it to know and

119:47    not to act is not to know

119:55    to know and not to act is a mighty big

119:59    thing to stand on the sidelines no way

120:07    yes what you don’t do this is

120:10    significant is what you do

120:18    there’s already a lot of doodoo that was

120:23    just a perfect perfect information yeah

120:27    on that note I think that’s a perfect

120:29    stopping place or we can we can just

120:35    clean it up with a doobie doobie Doo

120:37    [Applause]

120:37    [Laughter]

120:43    okay go ahead Josh I would say there’s

120:47    this thing on the internet saying people

120:49    are gonna hate and people are gonna

120:50    bring this and a lady in our WordPress

120:53    group this week said people are going to

120:54    people so it’s so simple but they’re

120:59    just people are gonna people they’re

121:01    gonna good hey people are gonna well we

121:04    gotta love that so I’m just saying

121:06    that’s my new phrase to offer to the

121:08    group because I’m stealing it for my

121:09    people I can add an a quote from our

121:19    late Chancellor I’m Noah when he had an

121:23    assistant who was complaining about

121:26    people and and then he said would you

121:30    take a word from an old man of course

121:33    mr. Chancellor and then he said take the

121:36    people as they are there are no others

121:46    for me and I’ll close this down but for

121:52    me we’re the world this is the world in

121:58    the screen and each one of us represents

122:03    however many tens of millions of

122:06    like-minded like aligned like behavioral

122:09    like prickly like emotional like

122:12    impatient like like and so for me this

122:19    is as vital and mortal as Sams shared in

122:21    terms of saying he’s not going anywhere.

122:23    I am committed to my time and attention

122:27    being devoted to

122:28    contributing to saving our world, and I can’t think

122:35    of a more valuable and meaningful way of

122:38    doing it than figuring out how we do us

122:41    here and actually get and actually get

122:46    so thank you all for being here and for

122:53    co-creating messages what a saying thank

122:55    you for being as generous as you are

122:59    with your guests with what you’re

123:01    sharing because I know you feel like you

123:06    know I’m not entitled and this is

123:08    indulgent and all that stuff but the

123:10    truth is on the receiving end it’s huge

123:12    gifts it’s huge value that we’re being

123:14    given of you you’re sharing you and and

123:20    you know whether you know it or not I’m

123:22    gonna turn that you’re a pretty valuable

123:25    guy and on that note I tender back

123:35    control to Sam and and bid you all the

123:38    joy and I’m gonna go let my dogs


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